About us

Adolfo Cuetara and Proa valdearinhoensis

Since 1998, Dinokinetics has been providing palaeontological resources to many clients in the museum marketplace from Spain. Whether it's assembling cast or original skeletons, mold and casting, field molds, fossil preparation, steel brackets for fossils or life-like sculptures your need, we've got it!

Founded by Adolfo Cuetara as a company dedicated to the fabrication of steel custom-made structures for museums, later it expanded its product lines over the years to meet growing demands from different clients, but always with the ancient life in mind, especially dinosaurs.

Today, from our headquarters in Morden, Manitoba, we serve everything you need to translate your scientific work into a public display anywhere within North America.

There are five main reasons why our clients trust on us:

  1.  We provide knowledge and advice for your programs, projects, and questions. Our team have large and diverse backgrounds, from industrial pipefitter and welder, to chemical processes or palaeontological knowledge.
  2.  We take the time to understand the requirements of your projects; we take seriously every client, doing high detailed quotations.
  3.  We respond quickly and meet deadlines. We know that having the idea to build something is as important as knowing when you will have the job done.
  4.  We work across Canada and USA. We provide an integral service making, transporting and installing our products where you need because we take care of our creations.
  5.  We always provide an adjusted price. We have been working hard on optimizing our processes, looking for new materials or ways of making.


Let us help you with your next project.